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NOTICE: Due to technical issues, our office phone is currently out of service.
Please contact us at (708) 903-1938 for more information or assistance.


"Are you American Heart Association affiliated?"

Yes. All of our instructors are AHA certified and seasoned with years of lifesaving experience.

"I'm not sure which CPR class to take."

We have taken the liberty to build a Course Selection Guide of all of our courses and their content to make the selection process as simple as possible. In addition, each of our courses has its own information page that explains who normally requires each certification. 

"Do I need a book for ACLS and PALS?"

Yes. It is important to study the student manual prior to your class. ACLS & PALS is largely video based, though not all testable material is covered in the video.

"Should I have my book shipped, or can I pick it up on the day of class?"

Picking up the book on class day does not provide you time to study the material. It is strongly recommended that you become familiar with the book prior to class. If you can borrow a book from a friend or the library (AHA 2010 edition or beyond), you do not have to purchase one. 

"ACLS and PALS are very long, can I bring food or something to drink?"

Yes. We provide coffee, snacks, and water, but feel free to bring whatever you'd like! A small cafe vending area is just down the hall from our office as well.

"I purchased an online course from the AHA, but I need to do the skills

session. Can you provide that?"

We certainly do. Skills sessions for students who purchased their course elsewhere are routinely performed in our office by our AHA certified instructors. We also provide online course training as well, with the skills session included in the fee.

"Do you provide onsite classes?"

StartCPR originated as an 'onsite' training educator. We have continued  providing onsite training for your business or facility; we bring all training materials to you and certify your staff, family, or Boy Scout Troop the very same day. 

"Is there a student limit for onsite classes?"

We  have a 10 student minimum for onsite classes. A final roster will be confirmed prior to class day. No-show students will be responsible for payment (see Terms & Conditions). We do not charge for travel. We have traveled throughout Chicagoland, Wisconsin, and Indiana. 

"Is ACLS & PALS as scary as it used to be?"

At StartCPR, we are wonderfully laid back, and do not look to trip you up for the sake of doing so. We will ensure that you have all information needed to pass your test.

"What is the difference between the AHA and the Red Cross?"

The American Heart Association is the most widely accepted criteria in the United States. We routinely see students in our office who took the alternatives and were rejected by their employer(s). 

"Are all online ACLS, BLS, & PALS courses the same?"

It is very important that you check the credibility of your course provider. If they are not an American Heart Association affilliate, they are not able to certify you. There are no credible courses you can obtain online that promise you an ACLS card or the like "in 1 hour".  Avoid having to take your course (and pay for it) twice. Your employer will never reject a valid AHA certification - guaranteed. 

"Do you have Skill Sessions for ACLS, PALS, & BLS?"

Yes. We provide skill sessions for AHA courses only. 

"Will I receive my course completion card the same day?"
Yes. The American Heart Association forwards course completion eCards within 1-2 hours after completing your class or session.


Many online courses are routinely not accepted by mainstream healthcare facilities. StartCPR cannot certify any student who has not completed a sanctioned American Heart Association course. Please confirm with your HR department, specifically nursing schools, which courses are acceptable. Remember; anyone who holds a medical license or certificate needs BLS Provider (Basic Life Support), not a basic CPR course.

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