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Online Courses

These American Heart Association Heartcode online hybrid courses are completed from your home or office; however, a hands-on skills session is required prior to certification. We routinely conduct skills sessions throughout the month in our Hinsdale office.

All online courses purchased through StartCPR include a skills session. Online ACLS & PALS skills sessions can be converted to an

online virtual skills session via Zoom. If you would like to switch from the in-office to the online session, please contact us and we forward available dates and make the switch for you. ACLS & PALS online virtual skills sessions can be completed back-to-back on the same day.  


NOTICE: Once an online course key code is purchased, it cannot be returned or a credit given. Please confirm you are purchasing the correct course before confirming your purchase; we cannot buy back, credit, or give transfers of 

codes once they have left our office. 

Online ACLS eLearning Course 
& Skills Session 

Online PALS eLearning Course & Skills Session

Online BLS Provider eLearning Course & Skills Session

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