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Virtual / Online Skills Sessions for ACLS or PALS

A convenient alternative to the in-person skills session is the virtual session, which the AHA has approved. The Virtual Skill Sessions for ACLS or PALS will take place over Zoom, a video conferencing software, where instructor and student can interact together as if in the same room. Requirements to take the course are:

  • Audio and Video compatible smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer for instructor-student interaction

  • Presence on screen for the duration of the class

  • Interaction with the instructor

  • Solid and stable internet connection

To register for an ACLS or PALS Virtual Skills Session, click the button below to be directed to our class schedule. Online courses purchased through StartCPR do not require an additional cost for the skills session. If you are substituting a hands-on skills session for an online/virtual Zoom skills session (your option), contact us by phone or email and we will assist you with the change; an email confirmation will be sent to    you.

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